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Rainbow Radio is released!



In My Bones is available on the newly released

Fandemic Vol. 1 compilation album from the NYC Freaks to support musicians through the Freaks Action Network.  Available on Bandcamp.


   Alex Papp is a singer-songwriter and musician from New York City, who can often be found playing for audiences all across this great land. His stories of love, life and heartbreak resonate deeply with fans, with a style reminiscent of classic troubadours John Denver, Harry Chapin, and Chris Hillman. Rainbow Radio is the first full length album from Alex and was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at the legendary CT based studio Dirt Floor. Produced by the super talented Eric Michael Lichter. Additional tracking by Rick Reil at the House of Vibes, NJ. Additional harmonies by Regina Palian.

   Alex's music career began as many do with piano lessons at a young age.  Inspiration from grandfathers on both sides played a huge role in forming his love of music while listening to them play at family gatherings.  Grandpa Papp playing violin and accordion and Grandpa Ryan tickling the ivories created lasting fond memories.  

   Basement jams with friends led to bands being formed and public performances in college years and beyond.

   As a horticulturist and landscape designer, nature, plants and the environment are very important to Alex. When not writing or playing music he can be found running his landscaping business, going on long bike rides meandering through the forest on hikes.

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