Alex Papp is a musician and singer-songwriter from New York.  The tunes he creates and plays for audiences in and around the city are crafted through influences of daily life, relationships, storytelling and sometimes outlandish fun!  His musical style ranges from Americana to funk to folk to rock to country and back again.  With a voice likened to Johnny Cash, John Denver and Harry Chapin, Alex loves to sing and it shows.  Having fun on stage makes him happy, especially while performing with friends.  He always strives to bring that joy and love of music and life to his live performances. 

See you at the show!




I have finished recording my first album, Rainbow Radio at  Dirt Floor Recording Studios in CT!  I am so excited about this project!  Eric Lichter is a pleasure to work with.  Details and singles to follow!

The album will be released in the near future, Fall 2019!!!!!!!!!

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