Photo credits: Jason Smolesky, Jessica Basil, Regina Palian, EBeth Thomas

Album art by Beth Nori

at Nori Studios 

Rainbow Radio is released!
I am so happy to announce that my first album has been released!  It is available on all the music streaming places like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby.

Many thanks to all of those who made this album possible! 


-Eric Michael Licther for recording, playing many instruments and producing the album at Dirt Floor.

-Steve Wytas for mastering.

-Regina Palian for getting me into the studio with the talented producer Rick Reil to record the title track and lending her beautiful voice.

-Beth Nori at Nori Studios for her fabulous album cover deisgn.

-All family, friends and fans for your support always.

-All musician friends that have played with or inspired me, love making music with you!

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